Our business: Rustic Scoop™ is a woman owned company that provides baking mixes and baked goods that are Gluten-Free, Top 8 Allergen Free, organic, refined sugar free, and vegan.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to radically change people’s Gluten-Free and Allergen Free life. Food should be amazing, delicious, simple, and include everyone. That’s why we created baking mixes that people both with and without food restrictions love. You can share the food you create with our mixes and make one meal for everyone, knowing everyone will love it.

Our values: We want to include everyone in meals, because food is one thing that brings everyone together. Our mixes aren’t just “good for gluten-free”, they’re just plain good. We also believe your health matters. That’s why all of our mixes use clean, organic ingredients, and are refined sugar free.

Our story: Our family lives with food allergies and Celiac Disease, so we made everything from scratch because that was the only way we could feed us all safely. Over a decade ago, we lived in Africa for 6 months, which kick started our own recipe development because we had to. Several years after we returned, the head chef of a large hospital got a hold of my bagels and asked us to bake for them. That led us to business plan for almost 2 years to open a business providing baking mixes. When we were ready to open, Covid and all of the shut downs had just hit. We were left with the decision to either wait to open or open knowing the future of the world was unknown. So we decided to open in May of 2020 so we could provide safe food when the food chain was very unpredictable. We knew we had the means to help people in a time of crisis so it was important to us to open. Our opening was better than we anticipated and we have grown since then which we are thankful for.

Rustic Scoop™ Owner