We love people, good food, and inclusion.  That means we want you to enjoy food with your loved ones again!  Our baking mixes are gluten free, Top 8 allergen free, vegan, refined sugar free, and Non-GMO.  They are mixes you can make and share with your loved ones knowing they will love them too.  You can have one meal at one table again.

We Are About:

  1. Inclusion  Food is one thing that brings people together.  Our mixes are gluten free, Top 8 allergen free, refined sugar free, and Non-GMO.  Not only that, but they are not just “good for gluten free”, they are just plain good.  You can take baked goods from our mixes and know that everyone will enjoy them, food restrictions or not.
  2. Versatility  We strive to give as many ingredient options for our mixes as we can.  All of our product pages have alternative ingredients so our mixes can meet your specific needs.
  3. Simple and easy  We wanted to ensure our mixes are easy to make for non-bakers as well as avid bakers.  Also, we wanted to be sure they have little hands-on time so you can spend your time elsewhere.
  4. Clean ingredients  We believe all of your health matters.  Having clean, organic and Non-GMO ingredients has been part of our mixes from the beginning.  You can pronounce all of our ingredients and can read about our allergen policies regarding our facility as well.
  5. Family  We consider each of our Rustic Scoop™ customers family.  Not the awkward, strange family that you would like to avoid, but the family that you feel loved and cared for by.  We truly care about each of you and are here to help in any way we can.
  6. We “get it”  We know how important your safety is if you have food allergies, celiac disease, and/or special diets for health reasons.  Our family of five live with all of those.  We live it daily, we get it, and we believe we can serve you and your loved ones well because of it.

Lastly, one of our daughters has a deep passion to feed those that are hungry in our community.  As a way to honor her love for people, and to ensure everyone can have access to our mixes, we will regularly be donating these baking mixes to our local food bank.

Thanks for joining us in the kitchen!

The Rustic Scoop™ Family