11 Holiday Recipes

Holiday baking is one of our favorite things to do. At the beginning of the holiday season, we sit down as a family and write down all of the food we want to eat this time of year. Then we decide when we will make it all so we don’t stress ourselves out, and we still get special treats throughout the holiday season. Nothing is better! :) We have our favorites, many of which were passed down from my family, then converted to be gluten-free, top 8 allergen free. Of course, many are desserts, but not all of them are.  We also love special breakfasts and have our favorite sides. No matter what you like to eat this time of year, we have you covered! If there is a recipe we haven’t posted yet that you would like, always feel free to let us know. We are happy to create new recipes when we have time.

Here is a list of recipes that we love and know you will too. They are listed by category, but can of course be eaten for any meal you would like.


Cinnamon Rolls
Rustic Scoop™ Cinnamon Rolls

Turtle Bread (aka Monkey bread)
Rustic Scoop™ Turtle Bread

Coffee Cake
Rustic Scoop™ Coffee Cake


Pull Apart Rolls
Rustic Scoop™ Pull Apart Rolls

Artisan Rolls
Rustic Scoop™ Artisan Rolls

Artisan Bread
Rustic Scoop™ Artisan Bread

Dessert- We now have 12 cookie recipes on our website for you to enjoy! This is just a small sample.

Sugar Cookies
Rustic Scoop™ Sugar Cookies

Rustic Scoop™ Spritz Cookies

Shortbread Cookies
Rustic Scoop™ Shortbread Cookies

Chocolate Peppermint Cookies
Rustic Scoop™ Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

Chocolate Graham Cracker Crust and Pie
Rustic Scoop™ Chocolate Graham Cracker Pie Crust

We hope you find something here you love and will become a staple in your house. If you ever have questions, please feel free to let us know. We are always here to help!

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